What is this Tribe Rewards Program?

Our Tribe is our loyalty club…a tight-knit group of our past & forever clients, our current clients, and our friends & family and raving fans. As a member of our loyalty club, you are eligible to participate in our Tribe Rewards Program.

It is our way of showing you our gratitude for your trust in our team of specialists. Going forward, every month you will have the opportunity to claim exclusive monthly rewards or gain access to private events, all specifically curated with you in mind.

How will I be notified?

Each month you will receive an email from SGTTribe@gmail.com telling you what that month’s reward or event is. We will also do a social media post in our private Facebook Group and on our Instagram alerting you to check your email to claim that month’s reward.

How Do I Become a Tribe Member?

If you know of someone who would benefit from a meeting with our team (thinking about buying or selling, looking for real estate advice, or wants to network with an agent) send us their contact information. You can call, text, or message any of our team members with a referral or complete the online form at any point. Once they meet with our team, you will receive an invitation with a special surprise in the mail! 

If you have any questions about the program, send us an
email at SGTTribe@gmail.com or call us at

Past Giveaway Partners Include: